rec/mix/mastering - since 2009

Alastor - Vyklestilka (rec/mix/master 2016/2017)  
Serpere - Exsequiae Demo (rec/mix/master 2016)
Sanguinary Trance - Promo (mix/master 2015)
Alastor - Waldmark (rec/mix 2015)  
Dreadface - Darkthrone cover song (rec/mix/master 2015) 
St.Lucifer - Intense Demonic Charge (vocals rec 2014) 
Stormnatt - Omega Therion (rec/mix/master 2013/2014) 
Aus der Transzendenz - Vixerunt (vocals rec 2013)  
Bernth (Seiler & Speer, Bled Dry, ex-live-Belphegor) - Metallica cover song (guitar rec 2014)
Dreadface - Liar (rec/mix/master 2012) 
Stormnatt - The Crimson Sacrament (rec/mix 2009) 

Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 tube amp, Bugera 6260 Infinium tube amp,
Palmer PDI-03L8 speaker sim, ESP floyd rose guitar and ESP bass.
Instead of real cabinets and miking I prefer to work with high quality speaker
cabinet impulse responses
from Marshall, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Peavy, Ampeg and more.
This means we can use real tube amps with different virtual microphones and distance
settings and have the possibility to change the guitar/bass sound immediately.
There is no audible difference between very good impulse responses and real
cabinets+miking and the feeling while playing is like with a real cabinet
We have the possbility to record via Roland mesh head e-drums with
DW 9002 pedals and to use a ton of highly produced studio drum samples
amongst others by Chris Lord-Alge (Slipknot, Nickelback, Greenday, Muse).
This means we can easily experiment with different drum sounds
and change single strokes or whole drum parts quickly.
In the mix there is no audible difference between sampled drum sounds and real drums
and through the large dynamic range the feeling while playing is like with real drums.
Korg Minilogue, microKORG, Sm58 dynamic mic and Sc400 condensator mic,
1x CAD NDM 11 mic (kick/bass), 2x CAD NDM 10 mic (snare/toms)
KRK RoKit monitors, Apple iMac 27" 2019 computer with
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen interface, Cubase 10, Wavelab 8.
Arturia V-Collection 5 (vintage synths and drum computers).
High quality Waves and Slate Digital VST plugins.

Located in Vienna, Austria